Our Philosophy


Our philosophy of breeding Aussiedoodles can be stated in four simple points:

  1. Get excellent dogs.
  2. Raise them at home.
  3. Breed the dogs responsibly.
  4. Sell the Aussiedoodle puppies to appropriate families.

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Digging Deeper


1. Get Excellent Dogs (Australian Shepherd and Standard Poodle)

We acquired great dogs. Read more about our quality dogs here. We made sure that the dogs were not related in anyway, since we practice outcross breeding. You can read more about outcross breeding of Aussiedoodles below.



2. Raise Them at Home

Our Aussie and Standard Poodle are family pets. River (Aussie) and Stryker (Poodle) enjoy playing with our children and generally having a ton of fun at our house. We feed our Australian Shepherd and Poodle top quality food that is high in protein (TLC). We try to offer our dogs a comfortable and healthy life, so that they will have great occasional litters of Aussiedoodle puppies.


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3. Breed Them Responsibly

We breed our Standard Poodle male and our Aussie female responsibly. In breeding, we insure that the dogs are not related. Some people who do breeding of Doodles breed related dogs to each other. Let me explain why this is so important.

We practice only outcross breeding (breeding two dogs that do not have common relatives) as opposed to line breeding (breeding two dogs with common relatives–for instance grandfather to granddaughter, uncle to niece or half sister to half brother) and in-breeding (daughter to father or brother to sister). Many breeders practice line breeding or in-breeding because it is much cheaper to use one of the puppies from your own litter to reproduce more puppies rather than do your homework, be willing to travel, and be willing to pay more to get an unrelated dog to breed.

Hybrid vigor is one of the greatest advantage of outcross breeding giving you a much healthier dog. Hybrid vigor explains why mutts tend to live longer and healthier lives than purebred dogs. If a person breeds close relatives (line-breeding or in-breeding) the puppies have a much higher likelihood of health problems down the road. We actually have laws for people not to marry close relatives, so shouldn’t it be the same for Aussiedoodles?

Common sense tells you that breeding separate genetic lines will result in healthier Aussiedoodle puppies. The absence of hybrid vigor helps explain why so many of the most popular AKC breeds have decreasing life spans and multiple hereditary problems. Our goal is to breed Aussiedoodles that will live long and be remarkably healthy. It is very likely that any extra cost you pay on the front end to buy a healthy Aussiedoodle will be saved down the road by fewer vet bills.


4. Sell the Puppies to the Right Families

We try to find good homes for each of our Aussiedoodle puppies. A good home requires the time and money necessary to raise a great dog.  Excellent family dogs come from two things: nature and nurture. We’ve worked hard to give you a puppy with a great genetic nature, but the nurture part is up to you.

Dogs require consistent training and boundaries. If your family is not in a position to provide a good home for a Aussiedoodle puppy, or if you would stretch your budget beyond measure, we want to encourage you to wait. Our livelihood is not dependent upon selling Aussiedoodle puppies, so we are not in a position to need to pressure anyone into buying.

We are not unreasonably picky in choosing an Aussiedoodle puppy owner, so we do not require home visits, signed contracts of a certain number of vet visits each year, or other invasions of your privacy. You have the right to raise a dog the way you think is best, but we do desire to see our Aussiedoodle puppies go to well-matched families, and we retain the right to place our Aussiedoodle puppies in homes that seem to be well-suited.

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  4 comments for “Our Philosophy

  1. Miki Hartley
    March 24, 2016 at 12:43 am

    Looking for the right pup for our family. We live in Duncan. I’m in love with the idea of an AussiePoddle! Do you have any puppies at the moment? What’s the cost? I’m really not sure if we’d be able to afford one, but I love to dream😉

  2. Rushie Shue
    April 20, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    I am very interested in the possible purchase of an Aussiedoodle puppy. I am looking for a female, tri-color in good health. I currently have a chocolate labrador who is 14 year old. Her health is declining & I am afraid she will not be here very much longer. As you might suspect, I am an animal lover. Owned horses for 30 years, goats, ducks, cats & dogs. My dog history includes black labs – 8 years & 7 years, dacshund – 13 years, australian shepherd – 13 years and current choc lab – still alive. This will be a house dog so I am hoping for a little less shedding with the combo.

    Please let me know if interested & when you will have an available litter.

    Thank you!
    Rushie Shue

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