Available Aussiedoodle Puppies

Aussiedoodle Puppies Available

We will email families on our deposit list with any currently available litters. Below you will see one of our past litters.


Previous Litter Announcements

For the past many years, we’ve partnered with Crockett Doodles in seeking to provide outstanding Aussiedoodle puppies. They help us in knowing which applications to approve.


Splash, the Aussiedoodle Boy (spoken for)

Splash has a gorgeous color pattern and a sweet personality. Adoption Fee $1900 (minus $300 deposit) = $1600 due at pickup


Tucker, the chocolate Aussiedoodle Boy (spoken for)

Tucker has an amazing coat, beautiful headshape, rich chocolate color and great personality. Tucker is the gentle giant of the litter. He’s very friendly, but really laid back about it. He’s very good about not jumping on the kids, and he’s incredibly patient. He seems to have the temperament of a service dog. He’s not the least bit shy, but he is calm. Really a terrific temperament. Definitely the kid’s favorite to hold and play with. Adoption Fee $1500 (minus $300 deposit) = $1200 due at pickup



Charlotte Aussiedoodle Girl (spoken for)

Charlotte is a pretty tricolor with a laid back temperament. Charlotte , the tri-color Aussiedoodle likes to cuddle, and takes a little while to warm up to a new person. She’s not quite as friendly as Tucker and Splash, but she’s definitely a cuddler. She’s the opposite of the alpha. Adoption Fee $1900 (minus $300 deposit) = $1600 due at pickup


Stryker the Aussiedoodle Girl (spoken for)

Stryker (so named because her color is striking) is the alpha of the litter. She’s bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Stryker could give non-stop licks all day long. This tricolor Aussiedoodle is affectionate, but in a very bubbly way. Styker has gorgeous coloring, being a tri-color Aussie with a whole lot of white. Adoption Fee $1900 (minus $300 deposit) = $1600 due at pickup



Savannah Aussiedoodle Girl (spoken for)

Savannah has a middle of the pack mentality. She’s affectionate and well behaved. Maybe not quite as calm as Tucker, but she definitely learns quickly. This whole litter is very smart and picks up on things quickly. Savannah the Aussiedoodle is probably the kids second favorite puppy (after Tucker). The red on her tricolor Aussiedoodle pattern is very rich. Her tricolor coat is not quite as curly as some of her littermates. Savannah and Tucker will probably end up with very thick wavy coats that may not look very poodly. Adoption Fee $1900 (minus $300 deposit) = $1600 due at pickup



July 30, 2016 Aussiedoodle Puppy Announcement:

August 1 update: As always happens, right away after announcing this litter, they all had deposits placed on them. Please fill out an application to be placed on a waiting list in case someone backs out. 


We just took pictures of River’s Aussiedoodle puppies born June 16, 2016. This litter had one boy and six girls. As soon as we opened up the application form, we were flooded with applications and accepted many deposits. Currently there is still one deposit spot available. We expect these pups to have beautiful wavy coats, loyal friendly temperaments, and be 35-50 pounds full grown. We named this litter after some of our favorite cities. These puppies should be available to their forever homes beginning Saturday, August 6, 2016.


Click here to fill out an APPLICATION to potentially get one of these puppies.


Charleston, Aussiedoodle puppy

Charleston (3 pictures below) is the one boy in the litter and seems to be the gentle giant. He’s the largest of the litter (may end up being 55-60 pounds full grown), and incredibly loving and gentle. Charleston’s coat is already giving quite wavy and he is just a few weeks old.

The remaining balance of the adoption price for Charleston the male Aussiedoodle puppy is $800 (after the $300 deposit). RESERVED WITH DEPOSIT

Charleston-Aussiedoodle-puppy (2) Charleston Aussiedoodle Puppy

Charleston-Aussiedoodle-puppy (3)

Charlotte, Aussiedoodle puppy

Charlotte (3 pictures below) is the smaller of the black/white girls in the litter. Charlotte may end up in the 35-40 pound range full grown. She is very friendly and seems to have an intensely loyal personality. Charlotte probably has the nicest coat of the litter. She has a large white patch on her chest. In looks, coat, and temperament, she’s ideal. Charlotte is nearly the perfect Aussiedoodle in every way,

The remaining balance of the adoption price for Charlotte, the female Aussiedoodle puppy is $800 (after the $300 deposit). RESERVED WITH DEPOSIT

Charlotte NC Aussiedoodle

Charlotte-Aussiedoodle-puppy (1) Charlotte-Aussiedoodle-puppy (2)

Savannah, Aussiedoodle puppy

Savannah (4 pictures below)  is one of the smaller chocolate girls in the litter. Savannah may end up in the 35-45 pound range full grown. Savannah is plenty friendly, but also seems to be calm and collected. Of course right now the pups just love spending time with River and love being held by their people. Savannah’s coat is thick and getting wavier almost daily. She has a small white patch on her chest. Savannah’s eyes are currently an aqua color. They may darken in time.

The remaining balance of the adoption price for Savannah, the female Aussiedoodle puppy is $800 (after the $300 deposit). RESERVED WITH DEPOSIT

Savannah-Aussiedoodle-puppy (1) Savannah-Aussiedoodle-puppy (2) Savannah-Aussiedoodle-puppy (3) Savannah GA Aussiedoodle


Asheville, Aussiedoodle puppy (Ashe is her nickname)

Asheville (3 pictures below) is the smallest pup in the litter. She may end up in the 30-35 pound range full grown. Ashe is kind and gentle. Her coat is thick, but may not be as curly as some of her litter mates. Right now we would guess that Ashe will end up with a thick somewhat wavy coat, but probably not get much of the poodle curl.  Ashe has a tiny fleck of white just under her neck which will probably fade with time. Her coat color is a lighter chocolate than some of her litter mates (sometimes appearing almost Auburn red). The top two pictures below are more reflective of her coat. In the third picture, Ashe looks a little darker because of a slight shadow.

The remaining balance of the adoption price for Asheville, the female Aussiedoodle puppy is $800 (after the $300 deposit). RESERVED WITH DEPOSIT

Asheville-Aussiedoodle-puppy (2) Asheville-Aussiedoodle-puppy (1) Asheville NC, Aussiedoodle

Hilton Head Island Girl, Aussiedoodle puppy (nickname Hilty)

Hilton Head Island Girl (3 pictures below)  is a tad bigger than Charlotte. Hilty may end up in the 40-50 pound range full grown. Hilty is very friendly and already has some spunk to her. She may end up being a little bit of a clown. She would love to have kids to play with. Hilty will instantly win over your heart. It’s hard not to fall in love with her. Hilty has a large white patch on her chest and a little white on one paw. Her eyes are a beautiful color that doesn’t show up well in the pictures.

The remaining balance of the adoption price for Hilton Head, the female Aussiedoodle puppy is $800 (after the $300 deposit). RESERVED WITH DEPOSIT

Hilton-Head-Aussiedoodle-puppy (3) Hilton-Head-Aussiedoodle-puppy (2) Hilton Head SC Aussiedoodle

Baltimore, Aussiedoodle puppy (nickname Balti)

Baltimore Girl (5 pictures below)  is almost as small as Ashe (the litter’s smallest). Balti may end up in the 35-40 pound range full grown. Balti is very curious and always friendly. Her tail is almost non-stop wagging, and she will be dearly loved by her forever home. I’ve included a few extra pictures of Baltimore because she has unusual coloring. The chocolate color on her face and back is very dark, but she has a patch of tan on her chest as well as some tan on her legs. She may end up getting tan around her eyebrows. It’s like a little bit of River’s tri-color is showing through. I think she will be a gorgeous somewhat unusually colored Aussiedoodle. Her coat is thick right now, but doesn’t have much wave or curl.

The remaining balance of the adoption price for Balti, the female Aussiedoodle puppy is $800 (after the $300 deposit). RESERVED WITH DEPOSIT

Baltimore-Aussiedoodle-puppy (1) Baltimore-Aussiedoodle-puppy (2) Baltimore-Aussiedoodle-puppy (3) Baltimore-Aussiedoodle-puppy (4) Baltimore, MD Girl

Raleigh-Durham, Aussiedoodle puppy (nickname RD)

Raleigh Durham Girl (4 pictures below)  is medium size in the litter. She may end up in the 40-50 pound range full grown. RD is friendly and happy go lucky. Her thick and wavy chocolate coat appears almost auburn in full sunlight. Raleigh very much enjoys being with people. RD has a large white patch on her chest and is a great cuddler.

The remaining balance of the adoption price for Raleigh-Durham girl, the female Aussiedoodle puppy is $800 (after the $300 deposit). RESERVED WITH DEPOSIT

Raleigh-Durham-Aussiedoodle-puppy (3) Raleigh-Durham NC Aussiedoodle Raleigh-Durham-Aussiedoodle-puppy (2) Raleigh-Durham NC Aussiedoodle

 Click here to fill out an APPLICATION to potentially get one of these puppies.


2015 Aussiedoodle Litter

Below you can view the 2015 litter of Aussiedoodles (born 4/16/15). We aim for one Aussiedoodle litter a year. The Aussiedoodle puppies were three weeks old in the pictures. You can click on any of the smaller photos to make them larger.


UPDATE : These puppies were all spoken for right away (with deposits). They have now all gone to their forever homes.


Email ncrocket@bju.edu for info on an application to be considered for the next litter. Once River is bred, we will start accepting applications for her next litter. We expect them to go to homes right away.



Junior looks a whole lot like his mom, and loves to cuddle with her (or kids or anyone for that matter). He’s a beautiful tri-color Aussiedoodle. SPOKEN FOR

bestAussiedoodle-boy-Junior (5)

bestAussiedoodle-boy-Junior (3)bestAussiedoodle-boy-Junior (4)bestAussiedoodle-boy-Junior (2)




Zorro has a beautiful white mark across his face making him look like a masked bandit. SPOKEN FOR

Zorro-best-Aussiedoodles-puppy (3)

Zorro-best-Aussiedoodles-puppy (1)Zorro-best-Aussiedoodles-puppy (4)Zorro-best-Aussiedoodles-puppy (2)


Patch is a great tri-color puppy, and even at 3 weeks old is already getting a beautiful coat, has brown above his eyelids, and a tuft of white above his nose. SPOKEN FOR

Aussiedoodle-boy-puppy-Patch (2)

Aussiedoodle-boy-puppy-Patch (3)Aussiedoodle-boy-puppy-Patch (1)Aussiedoodle-boy-puppy-Patch (4)



Choco has a thick chocolate coat that has a reddish hue (thanks to his red poodle dad, Indy). Right now his head looks nearly black. Puppies’ coats almost always lighten with age. Our best guess is that in time Choco will have a dark chocolate head color, a medium hershey chocolate coat on the back, with the white chest and belly. SPOKEN FOR

Chocolate-Aussiedoodle-boy-puppy (2)


Chocolate-Aussiedoodle-boy-puppy (4)Chocolate-Aussiedoodle-boy-puppy (5)Chocolate-Aussiedoodle-boy-puppy (3)



Jackpot is tons of fun, and has a beautiful tri-color coat that looks a lot like his brother Patch. SPOKEN FOR

Jackpot-Aussiedoodle-puppy (1)


Jackpot-Aussiedoodle-puppy (3)Jackpot-Aussiedoodle-puppy (5)Jackpot-Aussiedoodle-puppy (2)




Marmalade is outgoing and affectionate. Her coloring helps her stand out from her littermates. SPOKEN FOR

Aussiedoodle-apricot-girl-puppy-Marmelade (5)

Aussiedoodle-apricot-girl-puppy-Marmelade (2)Aussiedoodle-apricot-girl-puppy-Marmelade (3)Aussiedoodle-apricot-girl-puppy-Marmelade (1)




Hershey is a little lighter chocolate color than her brother Choco. She has a nice coat that will undoubtedly get lighter with age. Hershey has an exceptionally sweet personality. SPOKEN FOR

Aussiedoodle-puppy-Hershey (5)


Aussiedoodle-puppy-Hershey (4)Aussiedoodle-puppy-Hershey (1)Aussiedoodle-puppy-Hershey (2)




Oreo is a cute-as-a-button black and white parti-colored Aussiedoodle girl. SPOKEN FOR

Oreo-Aussiedoodle-girl-puppy (4)


Oreo-Aussiedoodle-girl-puppy (2)Oreo-Aussiedoodle-girl-puppy (5)Oreo-Aussiedoodle-girl-puppy (3)




Blade is our sweet tri-color girl. SPOKEN FOR

Tricolor-Aussiedoodle-puppy-Blade (3)

Tricolor-Aussiedoodle-puppy-Blade (2)Tricolor-Aussiedoodle-puppy-Blade (5)Tricolor-Aussiedoodle-puppy-Blade (1)




We named her Decaf, because she’s partially coffee/chocolate colored, but not quite as much as Hershey or Choco. Also she has a mellow (non-caffeinated personality). SPOKEN FOR


Aussiedoodle-girl-Decaf (2)

Aussiedoodle-Girl-puppy-Decaf (4)Aussiedoodle-Girl-puppy-Decaf (2)Aussiedoodle-Girl-puppy-Decaf (3)


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