Aussiedoodle Application

Aussiedoodle Application


Pricing for Aussiedoodle or mini Aussiedoodle Adoption:

$800 Solid colored black Aussiedoodle pups

$1,100 Solid colored Aussiedoodle pups (white, cream or golden)

$1,500 Solid colored chocolate or red Aussiedoodle pups

$1,700 Two-colored Aussiedoodle pups (for example black and white)

$1,900 Tri-colored or merle Aussiedoodle pups

$200 Additional for pups that go home in December (as many families want Christmas time pups)


$300 more for mini Aussiedoodle puppy


If your application is accepted, you can place a $300 fully refundable deposit. The deposit would be applied to the final adoption cost of your puppy.


Full Name:
Street Address:
City, State:

Your answers to the questions below will help us realistically determine if we think that your family would be a good fit for a future puppy. Because we have far more demand for puppies than puppies available, the application process helps us determine the very best families. Thank you for taking your valuable time to help us in this way.

Do you have any dog-related allergies in your family?
Do you have children?
If yes, what are your children's ages?
Do you have a fenced in yard?
If not, do you have other exercise options available?
Do you have other pets?
If yes, what kind(s) of animals?
Preferred Aussiedoodle coat type (select all that apply):
Preferred Gender
Describe your lifestyle:
How active do you want your puppy/dog to be?
Why do you think your family would be a good fit for one of our Aussiedoodles?


Paypal Deposit (only if your application was accepted)

Please do not submit a deposit via Paypal unless your Aussiedoodle application has been accepted and have received an email from us that we would like to move forward. We realize that with nearly every other breeder an “application” is not really that–they’ll usually accept everyone, but our application is a true application. We can’t accept everyone.

We are not trying to be mean or unreasonable, but we have the application process to be sure that our puppies are matched with best-fit families, and there are many wonderful families who are not quite in a position yet to be a best-fit family.

We will try to respond to your application within 3-5 days to let you know yes, no, or wait.

If we respond that we would like to move forward, then you can submit a Paypal deposit (or a send a check via U.S. mail) if you want to.

Aussiedoodle deposit
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